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How to Install GApps to Xiaomi Redmi Note 2


GApps is the abbreviation of Google Apps. It is a set of handy apps that comes with almost every Android gadget pre-installed. In other words GApps is a package of apps which an Android user need to install and flash every time when installing a new custom ROM as you may not be able to use them on your Android ... Read More »

How to Install TWRP to Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

TWRP for Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

A recovery is a mode where a user can do repairs, upgrade or downgrade the device’s firmware, install stock or custom ROMs and do a complete backup and restoration of phone’s system. Out of the box, an Android device have the factory-installed stock recovery. While it can be used as is, it is very basic and lacks some important features ... Read More »

Install CWM Recovery to Xiaomi MiPad

The Xiaomi Mi Pad packs a powerful Nvidia Tegra K1 quad-core (or 4+1 core) processor clocked at 2.2 GHz, and an ULP GeForce Kepler graphics chip with 192 CUDA cores.

The CWM or ClockworkModRecovery is an advanced custom recovery which offers much more features than the original MI-Recovery of Mi Pad. Having the CWM to your device will allow you to do a complete backup and restore of your Mi Pad system/data and other partitions, flash custom ROMs and mod files, do a complete factory reset and many more awesome features. ... Read More »

How to Root Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G

fix dead redmi note 4g

Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G LTE is the latest device released by Xiaomi this year. For $183 you can get a phone with a powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 MSM8928, Quad-core 1.6GHz CPU, an Adreno 305 GPU and a 2GB LPDDR3 RAM. These hardware under the hood let users enjoy fluid multitasking, smoother experience with Snapdragon’s battery efficient Cortex-A7. Internal storage has an 8GB ... Read More »

How to Fix a Dead Redmi Note 4G

fix dead redmi note 4g

This article is for those who bricked their Xiaomi Redmi Note 4G. There are many reasons why you get the Redmi Nite 4G bricked. One is flashing wrong Recovery image or fastboot rom and the device got disconnected on the middle of fasboot flashing. The symptoms of having a bricked devices can be observed when there’s no charging LED indication, ... Read More »

How to Upgrade Xiaomi Mi2/2S to Lollipop


The Xiaomi Mi 2 and Mi 2S are the predecessors of the current flagships Mi3 and Mi4. These two are released by Xiaomi on August 2012 and April 2013 respectively. As the forerunners, they are also the first Xiaomi devices to taste the Android OS’ major update-the Android 5.0 codenamed “Lollipop“. Android L (Later named Lollipop) was released on October 16 by ... Read More »

How to Fix Dead or Bootlooped Xiaomi Mi3

unbricked redmi 1s using fastboot

You’re tinkering with your Xiaomi Mi3’s system then suddenly, the phone doesn’t boot normally or does not boot at all-your in a bootloop or in a soft bricked situation. Boot loops are the result of system files not knowing how to function during the initial start-up phase and can be caused by a variety of things, from downloading new apps ... Read More »

How to Stabilize Redmi 1S Internet Connection without Root

stabilize interner connection of redmi 1s

There is a problem experienced by almost all users of Xiaomi Redmi 1S-signal disruption. At an unspecified time, the signal of one particular SIM is often missing. Sometimes users experience unreliable internet connection. To overcome this, here is a way that could be considered a powerful and proven effective in stabilizing the Redmi 1S internet. An overview: Xiaomi Redmi 1S is equipped ... Read More »

How to Revive a Bricked Redmi 1S After Installing Xposed Framework

unbricked redmi 1s using fastboot

Xposed is a framework for modules that can change the behavior of the system and apps without touching any APKs. With it, you can perform tweaks and modifications on your Android device without installing any custom ROM. This is great but for Redmi 1S users running with MIUI, installing this Framework sometimes make your phone a precious paperweight. 😀 Yes, there ... Read More »

Fix Lag and Overheating Issues of Redmi 1s After V.45 Update

xiaomi redmi 1s

Hello Xiaomi Redmi 1S users and fans! It was a sad day for us after the Version 45 update. Since then, we are all facing huge drop in performance of our beloved Redmi 1S. Xiaomi recently released this OTA update but still,heating problem still there. Some users even complain that though they use only 3G internet for social apps and nothing more, the phone ... Read More »